The Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC) is a competence center for plant sciences at the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich and the University of Basel. Since its foundation in 1998, we have been organizing leisure and school activities for children and young people. With our now nationally and internationally recognized expertise in science communication and art & science projects, we want to remain a pioneer in the design of innovative and creative learning environments in the future.

The Climate Garden team

Dr. Manuela Dahinden 

Managing Director

Manuela is Managing Director at the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center and has been working as a science communicator for over fifteen years. Manuela studied biochemistry and holds a PhD in cell and molecular biology. Her enthusiasm for the natural sciences stems from her curiosity about how and why and their contribution to society. She works with experts to develop events and leisure activities on current research topics.

Manuela am PSC

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Dr. Juanita Schl├Ąpfer


Juanita is a science communicator and artist. She has studied transdisciplinary knowledge production in art and science. For eight years she has been a science communicator at the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center where she develops outreach programs, bringing her many years of experience in science education and museum design to innovative art-science methods for science education. She is also a passionate gardener.

Juanita am PSC

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