Welcome to the website of the project: Climate Garden 2085

On this website you will find information about the “Climate Garden 2085 – a public experiment” project: about the concept, previous exhibitions, offers and workshops for schools, our blog and much more.

We hope to inspire you with this project.


  • Climate garden on the Arenenberg
    From April to October 2023, the Arenenberg hosted the Climate Garden 2085 project on an open space at the western end of the park next to the school grounds, focussing on the effects of climate change on native arable, vegetable and berry crops. Two greenhouses cultivated the same vegetable and arable plants, but with two… Read more: Climate garden on the Arenenberg
Public exhibition of the Climate Garden 2085 (Arenenberg)
Cultivation of crops
in the greenhouses
Simulation of different
climate scenarios: +3 °C, +6.5 °C,
optionally -30 % water each

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