The climate garden at vocational schools

In a project supported by the FOEN climate program, we are developing 4 new job-specific workshop offerings for gastronomy, agriculture, horticulture and floristry, fashion and design.


The Plate of the Future

For learners from the catering industry, we offer a workshop on the “Planetary Health Diet” and its implementation in everyday working life.


Agriculture of the future

For agricultural professions we offer a workshop on systemic and agroecological approaches combined with new digital technologies; for forestry we incorporate the latest findings from climate, biodiversity and agroforestry.

Horticulture and floristry

Garden of the future

For horticulture and floristry, we refer to climate-related phenological changes in the world of flowers and pollinators and discuss the impact on future floriculture and horticulture.

Fashion and design

Biomaterials of the future

In the area of ​​fashion and design, we deal with plant-based product development – from biodesign to digital fabrication.

We want to impart knowledge to vocational students so that they can make conscious decisions and show options for action so that they can shape their professional future. The integration of findings from research and practice is important in order to enable timely innovations in the areas of agriculture, gardening and landscaping, gastronomy, fashion and design – from climate knowledge to action knowledge. The focus is on the following questions:

  • How will my job change in the future due to climate-related and socio-economic change?
  • How can I make my job more climate-friendly? With what measures and at what levels?

Interested vocational schools are welcome to contact us!

The Zurich Vocational School for Fashion and Design implemented the Climate Garden 2085 from April to October 2022 and the students compiled their expectations and impressions in a film.