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Project Climate Garden 2085 – Kantonsschule Zug, class 5G

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Climate change has become one of the most controversial topics of our time. With the Climate Garden 2085 project, we created an opportunity to engage with the topic from April to September 2022.

The experiments

Global warming affects agriculture, but also entire ecosystems: Which crops will we still be able to grow in the future? Which are the winners and which are the losers? Will ecosystems become unbalanced if, for example, stinging nettles, food plants for many native butterflies, show a different cycle? What influence do temperatures have on cold-blooded animals, such as grass frog tadpoles and the aforementioned nettle caterpillars? Will flower meadows be richer or poorer in species after global warming? Will pond lentils soon overgrow our warmer waters?

3 greenhouses were built: Control house with roof only and two greenhouses with the following climate scenarios: In one, the temperature was set to +2-3°C above today’s average temperatures for the summer months, in the second to +4-6°C.

3 greenhouses under construction, Kantonsschule Zug, 2022

Irrigation was carried out with the Gardena system in exactly the same way for all experiments.

Class 4G/5G developed five different experimental approaches, each with its own research approach, but which are interrelated.

Nettle plantation                                                                           

A bed with 50 nettle plants was planted in each case. Which bed will come out on top?

Caterpillar development and butterflies

How do butterfly caterpillars develop at different temperatures? How many butterflies will hatch?

Flower meadow

One bed each was sown with Beeflor from Schweizer. Which flower meadow will have more flowers for the butterflies?

Pond lenses

A warmer climate also results in warmer water. What influence does the water temperature have on pond lentils?

Grass frog tadpoles

Do the tadpoles develop faster and how much earlier do they go ashore?

Dr Remo Flüeler – Biology

To the REPORT (in German)

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