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The strawberry of the future

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A report by Romina Persano, M4c, Cantonal School Limmattal

After a few cold weeks of spring, summer greeted us with sunshine, which inevitably led to sunburns. In addition to the possibility of going outside without a winter jacket, we always enjoy the strawberry season here. From a young age on, the red fruits were a must for me. At the moment, however, they can be found not only in the Migros or in the Coop, but also in our temporary greenhouses next to the school. Various plants have been selected for the “Climate Garden 2085” project. Among them are some well-known human foods, like the strawberry. Some fruits can already be seen under the green leaves. But one thing is noticeable above all: The strawberry plants in the beds, which are outside, look larger and have more leaves. Although most of these plants in the greenhouses are well on their way to making someone happy with strawberries, those of the outdoor enclosure look the most successful by the naked eye. Not much can be inferred from this at the moment, but soon we will see if the plants of the greenhouse can still catch up with their size.

Image: Andrii Podilnyk