The climate garden at Swiss schools

Climate change has become one of the most pressing issues of our time. As a response to the worldwide student protests for climate action we have developed a smaller version for schools. The Climate Garden 2085 is integrated into the curriculum for 3 months. Many students were able to experience climate change up close and work and research in the garden of the future. With the Climate Garden 2085 project, we are creating an opportunity for school pupils to engage with their future food and landscapes. We would like to invite you and your school to become part of this project and create your own future garden.

Here you will find an overview of the schools and institutions that have already taken part in the climate garden.

The climate garden is a participatory educational project that makes climate change tangible. It enables schools to simulate and observe the effects of climate change on crops. Different climate scenarios are simulated in two greenhouses (according to the 2021 IPCC report).

Since its launch in 2016, 22 schools have already taken part in the project. On our blog you can read reports and impressions from the teachers and students involved.

We would like to thank the Swiss Federal Office of the Environment for their support.

Information on the process, structure and implementation:

Instructions for schools (in German)
Instructions for vocational schools (in German)

We will be happy to provide you with the contact details on request.

The climate garden is an impressive and important project. It is impressive because the plants grow really differently. Observing this, measuring the plants, allows the pupils to build a very different relationship to climate change. The project is important because plant growth shows how many parameters are being confused by climate change. It becomes clear that the consequences of climate change are difficult to predict and therefore become so threatening

Manuel Voellmy, biology teacher at Ev. Schiers Middle School