For primary school pupils Grades 4-6 there are various workshops. Participants learn what climate change means for plants, how plants respond to stress, and how to act sustainably themselves.

Climate Garden Introduction and Workshop 1: Help, I’m a stressed plant!
In the garden and in two greenhouses, the same plants grow under different conditions and thrive differently. Using these scenarios, we study and observe the potential impacts of climate change. What is climate change concretely, what does it do? What does this mean for animals, what does it mean for us humans? What does it mean for plants that cannot emigrate? Can they adapt, how? We measure what the plants metabolize. What gases do they consume, how much oxygen do they produce? In our experiments and observations, we will experience climate change first-hand and also experience what greenhouse gases have to do with climate change and what we have to do with greenhouse gases.

Climate Garden Introduction and Workshop 2: The travels of my snack box
Apples, pears, cucumbers and tomatos are available in the shops almost at any time of the year and, like other fruits, are considered healthy snacks. But where do the fruits come from? When do strawberries and apples ripen in Switzerland and the neighbouring countries? Why can long transport routes and the way in which the fruit is transported contribute to climate change?  The workshop “Travels of my snack box” offers a good opportunity to get to know the harvest time of local fruits and vegetables and to deal with questions of cultivation and long transport routes.

Download The travels of my snack box – Workshop (in German)